Wordperfect 11 and Reference Manager 10

Jean-Etienne Poirrier jepoirrier at remove-me-please.ulg.ac.be
Fri Aug 22 11:31:20 EST 2003

Malay Kumar Basu wrote:

> A problem typical of closed source vendors. Take my good advise. Switch 
> over to Openoffice. It is actively maintained (Sun) and fantastic. 
> Available in all platforms. And has a fabulous reference manager built 
> within.
> -Malay
> PS. Not satisfied? Switch to LaTeX/BibTeX.

Hi Malay,

I quite agree with you. I rather prefer to write my documents in 
LaTeX/BibTex (I never got any problem with this couple). The only thing 
is that my Ph.D. supervisor wants me to send him documents he can 
correct on his (Windows-only) computer. That's why I am obliged to use 
Wordperfect and Reference Manager (he has the same softwares). Doing a 
quick survey, it seems that Endnote databases can be imported in 
Reference Manager and Endnote can parse RTF documents.


PS. OpenOffice.Org is an open source project not maintained by Sun 
anymore (Star Office is).

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