Wordperfect 11 and Reference Manager 10

Jean-Etienne Poirrier jepoirrier at remove-me-please.ulg.ac.be
Tue Aug 19 05:08:24 EST 2003


I am using Reference Manager 10 (with the PubMed update) and it worked 
well with Wordperfect 9. Now I switched to Wordperfect 11 and nothing 
work anymore.

I tried to re-install the Cite While You Write feature. The installation 
software does something, I can see a progression bar but there isn't any 
results (no new toolbar in Wordperfect).

I tried to put the files Rm10wp10.dll and Rm10wp10.wpt in the template 
directory of WP11 (C:\Program Files\WordPerfect Office 
11\Template\Custom WP Templates, your mileage may vary). No result.

I tried to connect to refman.com Tech Support's On-Line Database 
(http://www.refman.com/support/rmsearchdb.asp). Either with Mozilla or 
Internet Explorer, I only get an error message when I search for 
"Wordperfect" :
 > Error Detected By ROFM CGI
 > Database "RM_TS.fp3" is not available.
 > Error Number
 > -2700
(Anyway, when I saw it was last updated 11/2002, I had little hope to 
find an answer)

I tried with Google and, obviously, I found this previous threat on a 
mailing-list :
I tried the hack proposed by Andrew Hilson but it doesn't work.

Does anyone have any news about WP11 + RefMan10?
Have you tried this combination?
Can you help me?

Thanks in advance.

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