[Announce] SuMo: automated search for functional 3D sites

Martin Jambon m.jambon at ibcp.fr
Fri Apr 11 10:13:52 EST 2003

Dear colleagues,

I am glad to announce the availability of our SuMo server:


SuMo is a system for extracting structural and possibly functional
similarities in 3D structures of proteins.

Through the web interface, you can easily:
  - screen a database of 11500 ligand binding sites with a given protein
    structure of substructure,
  - screen the PDB with a given ligand binding site.

SuMo is based on a description of 3D structures of macromolecules using
various types of chemical groups with specific geometry, symmetry and

SuMo was developed at the PBIL Lyon-Gerland, France.

SuMo was written entirely in Objective Caml (http://caml.inria.fr).

Please don't forget to cite our publication:
  Martin Jambon, Anne Imberty, Gilbert Deléage and Christophe Geourjon.
  A new bioinformatic approach to detect common 3D sites in
  protein structures;
  Proteins: structure, function and genetics, 2003, in press.

Contact: sumo at ibcp.fr


Martin Jambon

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