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joe at removethispart.gs.washington.edu wrote:
> In article <3E8B0EE4.6030906 at cc.umanitoba.ca>,
> Brian Fristensky  <frist at cc.umanitoba.ca> wrote:
> [on the news of the death of funding of the Staden package, Staden himself
>  being alive]:
>>There is an announcement on the Staden Web site to
>>this effect. See
>>Margaret Thatcher strikes again!
> I don't find the announcement there.  Neither under News not under
> Availability.  Just an enigmatic statement under News that once a long
> term decision is made concerning the future of the package, they'll
> announce it.   Where is the announcement on that site?
You're right. I just checked the site and the announcement
has been removed. In essence, it was just about the identical
statement that went out in the email to Staden Package
users, saying that despite good reviews, the MRC grant was not
renewed and that
the people working with Staden would soon be out of jobs.
If you got the email that's all there was.
I suppose that all we can infer from the "enigmatic statement"
is that they are not sure yet what the MRC's precise
position will be on future distribution of the package.

Who knows? A few years ago, SwissProt lost its funding,
and creative minds came up with a way to keep it

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