NCBI's blast.html as CGI perl

François Coulier coulier at marseille.inserm.fr
Fri Jun 14 05:22:05 EST 2002

Gys de Jongh wrote:
> The error is caused by an empty POST parameter (I think ?)

Thanks for your help!

I have "translated" the form using perl CGI.pm; the source of the 
generated HTML page is really very similar to the original HTML page 
(method POST, name and values of the parameters, etc..).

Parameters such as name of database, or blast program to use, seem to be 
passed just OK.

If I modify the script so that parameter values are passed back to 
itself instead of to blast.CGI (by omitting the action and method tags), 
then I can verify that the SEQUENCE parameter is indeed there and is not 

I then don't understand why blast.CGI can't "see" the sequence, but can 
"see" other parameters (database name, blast program)...


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