NCBI's blast.html as CGI perl

Gys de Jongh Gys_nospam_deJongh at planet.nl
Thu Jun 13 05:22:56 EST 2002

"François Coulier" <coulier at marseille.inserm.fr> wrote in message
news:3D060466.1F475668 at marseille.inserm.fr...
> Hello,
> I am trying to convert NCBI's blast.html into a CGI perl.
> The purpose of this is to be able to read in a list of available
> databases from a text file, and to parse it into the appropriate popup
> menu, so that I don't have to edit several html files (blast.html,
> psiblast.html, blast_cs.html, etc...) everytime I add a database (or
> modify the name of existing databases) on my system.
> My problem is with the sequence field (textarea), which content does not
> get passed properly to blast.cgi.

I am trying to do the same thing. Did not yet figure out how. If you view the
source of the NCBI page than you will see that things like sequences are
uploaded via the POST method. So you need to specify all the POST items in the
headers. (I think). If you look in the archives of : comp.lang.perl under the
keyword "POST" than you will find a lot of scripts that will do that or similar
things. The scripts become complicated because of synchronisation problems. So I
find it difficult to figure out how to use the examples . I am now looking for a
site which will do the same but with a simpeler interface  :(   Please let me
know if you have other ideas.

The error is caused by an empty POST parameter (I think ?)


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