NCBI's blast.html as CGI perl

Hancy hancy at gene.ucl.ac.be
Thu Jun 13 05:23:19 EST 2002

Does your cgi modify the blast.rc file? If not, blast won't recognize the 
db selected in the form.


François Coulier wrote:

> Hello,
> I am trying to convert NCBI's blast.html into a CGI perl.
> The purpose of this is to be able to read in a list of available
> databases from a text file, and to parse it into the appropriate popup
> menu, so that I don't have to edit several html files (blast.html,
> psiblast.html, blast_cs.html, etc...) everytime I add a database (or
> modify the name of existing databases) on my system.
> My problem is with the sequence field (textarea), which content does not
> get passed properly to blast.cgi.
> I get :
> Error 8 in submitting BLAST query
> Short error description:
> Input sequence for the BLAST search, probably missing.
> Please see the blast help for a description
> of the FASTA sequence format.
> Parameters such as blast program or database to use seem to get passed
> correctly (at least, blast.cgi complains when "the combination of
> database and program is invalid or not acceptable by BLAST").
> The source of the CGI-generated html page is very similar to original
> Sergei Shavirin's HTML.
> Anyone has an idea of what I am doing wrong, and an idea about how to
> solve this problem?
> Thanks for your help,
> François


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