software to draw circular evolutionary tree?

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Jonathan Epstein <Jonathan_Epstein at nih.gov> wrote:
>Is there any software out there to draw an evolutionary tree 'rooted' near
>the center of the page, with 'spokes' coming out?  The tree should be
>determined by comparing aligned protein sequences.
>In the best case, I'd like to be able to manipulate the output so that I can
>color some of the nodes post-facto.

In the latest "alpha" release of PHYLIP, version 3.6a, my program DRAWGRAM
can do the circular tree format, rooted near the center of the diagram.
DRAWTREE (even in version 3.5c) can do an unrooted tree that spreads out

You can write out the result as Postscript and then use any good
drawing program to modify that.

Perhaps Rod Page's program TREEVIEW would do what need as well.  David
Swofford's PAUP* can also produce circular and unrooted trees.

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