SeqVerter v. 1.581 and GeneStudio Pro Public Beta 6

The GeneStudio Team info at genestudio.com
Thu Jul 11 05:27:26 EST 2002

Announcing the release of SeqVerter v. 1.581 and GeneStudio Pro Public Beta

SeqVerter: this standalone dialog-based free sequence conversion program for
Windows has become a standard utility in many laboratories worldwide.  The
newest version adds compatibility with Mac binary DNA Strider files and
fixes a bug in conversion of new SWISS PROT files.

GeneStudio Pro, our molecular biology software suite offers three

Expanded SeqVerter, including viewing and printing of trace (chromatogram)
files from automatic DNA sequencers, and intelligent interfaces to the
GenBank Entrez database and to BLAST searches.

Alignment editor incorporates phylogenetic analysis using the TREE-PUZZLE
program and provides a link to display phylogenetic trees by using the
excellent and popular Tree-View program.

Contig editor allows assembly and editing of contigs from automatic DNA
sequencer trace files.  Contig may be verified through BLAST searches or
through translation to proteins.

Please download both programs from http://www.genestudio.com

GeneStudio Pro Public Beta 6 comes with a 60-day free license.

The GeneStudio Team


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