Perth Australia

Mark Addinall addinall at tik.com.au
Fri Jan 25 05:21:34 EST 2002


I'm an experienced software engineer/network engineer who
has been very interested in bioinformatics for a few years
now.  Had the good fortune to meet some people up in Menzies
that sparked my interest and led me to "Molecular Systematics".
(there goes free time ;-)

Member of the International Society for Computational
Biology (maddinall57322) I was wondering if any like bods are around
Perth Australia?  Internet working is fine, but getting to know the
whereabouts of local group activities and reporting would be of
interest.  Also looking for feedback more from the bio side
concerning some thin clients I am developing as lab tools.

On the server side, Perl, BLAST interface, FASTA tools,
adaptions of same.  Parallel processing of bio-informatic
jobs using a Beowulf clustered architecture or a MOSIX
clustered super-computer is also a project I have had some interest
in pursuing.

I'm also looking at some noise transformation algorithms from
RS-232 signal from instruments recording a LASER induced breakdown.
Anyone else close done this stuff?

Also, does anyone know how to get a copy of the work that
will be presented at Edmonton this year?  I can't make it but would
like a copy of the forums (buying is not an ugly word ;-).
Easy on the gum nuts however, developing free software does not make
one very rich!

Mark Addinall.

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