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maneesh <maneesh at drunkenbastards.com> wrote:

> Quantitation:
> Are most gel photographs 8bit deep images form CCD?  I've often found
> people
> guestimate amounts of DNA from these images, but when you view them at
> different exposures, you can get wildly different answers.
> I'm considering implementing a method for recovering a "linear"
> response map
> from a set of differently exposed images for more accurate
> quanitation; but before I do I was wondering if the non-linearity of
> the camera response has ever been examined in detail with respect to
> quantitation from gels...

One very important thing to keep in mind is also that even if you get
the scanner/camera response in the linear range your signal on the film
might not respond in a linear fashion at all. When quantitating e.g.
Western-Blots one should include a serial dilution of standards to take
care of this.


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