Embreo - remote access to applications and data

Peter C. Tribble ptribble at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Thu Feb 7 05:43:31 EST 2002

Announcing Embreo, a toolkit for remote access to applications and

Embreo is a simple toolkit for building clients that can execute
applications and access data held on servers. For example, it allows
you to run a Graphical Client on a PC that can run unix-based
applications on a server, using data that is stored either on the
server or the local PC (Embreo takes care of getting the data in the
right place for you).

Embreo isn't tied to any platform or computer language, although the
primary implementation uses Java and perl. It knows how to use multiple
protocols to talk to servers, although the primary aim is to access web
services using SOAP.

A few sample clients are provided inluding one that is similar to the
EMBOSS Jemboss client (which contains elements derived from Embreo). It
can access EMBOSS applications, but is not limited to EMBOSS and can be
extended to access most other unix command-line based tools. If you can
write a CGI script that runs an application, it's straightforward to
create a service that can be accessed by the Embreo client.

Further details and the Embreo package are available from:


-Peter Tribble
HGMP Computing Services

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