CHARMM for Windows?

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Mon Feb 4 04:32:05 EST 2002

Nate Gleason <ngleason at princeton.edu> wrote in message
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> I would like to install CHARMM on a Windows based machine, instead of
> Linux. Does anyone know of an install script written to do this, or
> know if this is even possible?

I'm afraid not.

Targets are:
Convex, IBM, Intel, Silicon Graphics, Sun, and VAX. A parallel version is
available for Cray T3D, Cray C90, J90, SGI Power Challenge, Convex SPP-1000
Exemplar, Intel Paragon, Thinking Machines CM-5, IBM SP1/SP2, Parallel
Virtual Machine (PVM), Workstation clusters (SOCKET).

The following may be of some use:

  Charmm Protein Simulations

 The Bio+ force field in HyperChem represents a version of the Chemistry at
HARvard using Molecular Mechanics (Charmm) force field.  Release 7 of
HyperChem updates this force field with new functional terms and new
parameters to represent the latest science from the Charmm community.
The new parameter sets for Charmm-19 represent new parameters for the bio+
force field of earlier versions of HyperChem, but parameter sets Charmm-22
and beyond represent a newer force field implemented in HyperChem 7 that
includes a Urey-Bradley term describing interactions between the two
terminal atoms of a 3-atom bond angle.

Extensive list of tools:


Good luck.

> Thanks.
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