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Subject: Bio-Informatics Visualization Workshop
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Bio-Informatics Visualization Workshop 
Human-Computer Interaction Lab
University of Maryland, College Park

May 30, 2002

Eric Baehrecke, University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute
<mailto:baehreck at umbi.umd.edu> 
Ben Shneiderman, UMCP Department of Computer Science <mailto:ben at cs.umd.edu>

Bio-Informatics Visualization Workshop This workshop (25-35 participants) will
present current implementations and challenges for researchers seeking to
understand genomic and proteomic data by applying advanced visualization
techniques. Current topics include DNA microarray chip data, genomic sequences,
protein structures, gene ontologies, and biological pathways. Visualization
methods include 2-d and 3-d scattergrams, color-coded heatmaps, hierarchical
treemaps, temporal data searching, topographic displays, and hierarchical
clustering presentations. Related data mining techniques that are enhanced by
visualization include supervised and unsupervised classification/categorization,
principal components analysis, and multi-dimensional scaling. Biologically
relevant tasks include comparing samples, identifying similar and different
genes, identifying targets, defining pathways, and generating hypotheses. 

Celera <http://www.celera.com>
IBM <http://www.almaden.ibm.com>
Spotfire <http://www.spotfire.com>
University of Maryland Biotechnology Institute <http://www.umbi.umd.edu>

Potential attendees should request permission to participate by sending an email
to Ben Shneiderman (ben at cs.umd.edu <mailto:ben at cs.umd.edu>) identifying their
background and interest in the topic by April 28. Responses will be made by May

Students interested in attending the workshop should apply by sending an email
to Jinwook Seo (jinwook at cs.umd.edu <mailto:jinwook at cs.umd.edu>) describing their
academic standing, explaining their research, and giving the reasons they want
to attend. Depending on space availability, free student registrations will be
announced by May 3. 

List of speakers and titles:

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