Looking for B.L.A.S.T. benchmark data sets

John Hinsdale hin at alma.com
Wed Sep 19 03:52:25 EST 2001

As part of some work in support of the bio-informatic industry, I
would like to test out a few different computer hardware
configurations I am thinking of using, specifically as it performs
running the NCBI "blast" tools.  I've got the tools set up and some
scripts to capture run times, but now I am in need of some test data.

Specifically I need database(s) that represent typical usage and take
at least several minutes (rather than seconds) to run.  The data can
be old and public-domain; it just has to exercise the BLAST tools in a
way they typically are used.

Any help would be greatly appreciated; anyone out there who could
spare a few  hours over the course of a week or two, working w/ me by
Email or phone, I would also be willing to compensate say $100 - $150
an hour or whatever for your help.

Thanks in advance,

John Hinsdale
hin at alma.com


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