Something like PlotSimilarity?

P.E.Hariharan easwaran at fvk-berlin.de
Fri Oct 26 04:56:46 EST 2001

Dear Bionetters,
I am looking for a program that can give me a graphical output of
sequence analysis. To be more specific:
I have searched for two domains in a set of protein sequences using
consensus sequence as the probes. Each of these proteins show different
levels of similarity/identity to the probe & the position of the
conserved domain is different. Is there any program that could plot a
graph/or draw a schematic so as to:
1) make the similarities/identities visually cospicuous;
2) bring out the positional information about the domains.

I tried PlotSimilarity but it plots only a pair of sequences at a time.
Or is there any way to use the data from PlotSimilarity to feed into
some other program.
I appreciate any help or hint in advance.

Thanks a lot,
Hari Iyer

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