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Harry Mangalam mangalam at home.com
Fri Oct 19 10:54:47 EST 2001

Hi All,

tacg is a commandline pattern matching app for nucleic acids that runs on
*nix OSs (as well as on win32 with some cygwin/ming32 coercion).  It's full
range of features are described at:

However, I had a few days to code again and I whipped up an extension to tacg
that allows it to produce plasmid maps from the info that's stored internally
and usually written as tables.  

You can try it out at:

It produces postscript and pdf maps like this:

in response to uploaded sequence (up to 500K - bandwidth restriction, not a
programmatic one) in most formats.  It also produces nested ORF maps in any/all
frames and also notes degeneracies on the outer rim as dark areas.

It would be useful for those labs not having access to a commercial plasmid map
drawing program or for those who need very large plasmids drawn.  Requires
nothing to be downloaded, just a web browser and sequence.  You can also upload
your own set of restriction enzymes or patterns to be searched.

This is alpha code so I haven't added it to the base tacg code yet.  after I'm
satisfied that it's stable, I'll roll it into the std package.

Suggestions as to performance, aesthetics, features, etc welcomed.

Cheers, Harry

Harry J Mangalam -- (949) 856 2847 (v&f) -- mangalam at home.com 
                    [plain text appreciated]

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