BRCA Expression data in Human annotated genome

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Fri Oct 5 04:43:57 EST 2001

Softberry Genome Explorer was enabled to provide visualization 
  of expression data in the context of annotated human genome. 
As an example, we maped major part of Unigen sequences used in analysis of 
hereditary breast cancers and presented data from Hedenfalk et al. (The New 
England Journal of Medicine, v 344, n 8, p.539-548). 
     In default window of 
Genome Explorer, you can see fragment of human chromosome 1 with two genes, 
first of which is iverexpressed in patients with BRCA1 mutation, the second 
in patients with BRCA2 mutations. 
    These data are shown as an example of how 
combining proprietary expression information with known genomic information 
can dramatically speed up drug target identification (to see expression 
data, go to graphical presentation of October, 2000 release of human genome, 
point mouse to one of mapped brca genes, right click and select Show Expression)

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