repeated postings of an ad

Paul Boardman peb at bms.umist.ac.uk
Tue Oct 2 04:49:15 EST 2001

joe at genetics.washington.edu wrote:
> In article <109252001105641sforge at mcs.net>,  <bmcwest at worldinter.net> wrote:
> >    This new software will let you be more productive:
> >             www.linuxcad.com
> >    It is an innovative tool of visual thinking ...
> This ad has been posted repeatedly to our group.  I thought this was
> probably a runaway script that they did not know about.  I contacted
> them by email (sales at softwareforge.com) suggesting they apologize.
> To my astonishment someone named "Robert" said
> "To whom I must apologize and when ? Is there any other way to reach target
>  audience that you can suggest."
> I pointed out that while one posting of an ad might be fine, repeated postings
> of an ad is not a good way to get people to think kindly of your product.
> There has been no reply (this was over a week ago).  And today they are at it
> again.
> I can only conclude that this is deliberate abuse of this newsgroup.
> Can anyone suggest how we can make it stop?

Amongst the headers of the post is "X-Complaints-To: abuse at rr.com".  I
sent a message to this address about a week and a half ago and received
the usuall automated response.

"This is an automatic reply to confirm that your message has been
received by Road Runner Security (abuse at rr.com) describing an incident
of alleged service abuse." blash blah blah...

I've not heard anything back since.

Perhaps if a few more people complained to abuse at rr.com then something
might be done about this spam.


Paul Boardman
Dept. Biomolecular Sciences

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