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pDRAW32 is a freeware software for

  DNA cloning
  Restriction enzyme analysis
  Oligonucleotide primer site analysis
  Plotting annotated plasmid/DNA maps
  Finding dam and dcm methylation sites
  Finding and translating open reading frames (without introns)
  XY homology plotting
  Calculation of optimal PCR annealing temperature

The current revision of pDRAW32 is 1.1.28.
New features since last post (revision 1.1.11) includes

  Optional use of different genetic codes
  Optional use of non-standard initiation codons
  Analysis of GC-distibution and optional plotting of results
  User selectable fonts and colors used for plotting
  Export of plots to Windows Metafiles
  Management of oligonucleotide database
  Oligonucleotide primer site analysis

Download from
  http://www.geocities.com/acaclone/ or

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