Automatic Problem Solver version 2.0

Candida Ferreira candidaf at gene-expression-programming.com
Tue Jun 26 03:45:38 EST 2001

I am pleased to announce that the Automatic Problem Solver version 2.0,
developed by Gepsoft, is now available.

This release includes Classification (new) and Function Finding and a new
edition (Enterprise Edition) which processes up to 256 independent
variables. Also, the number of independent variables of the Advanced and
Standard Editions were raised to 16 and 5, respectively.

With APS you can fully understand and analyze the evolved models as APS
automatically translates the evolved model into a C++ or Visual Basic
function. With this new version of APS you can not only evolve models but
also immediately apply the evolved models to an unlimited number of records
to make predictions (Calculation).

With APS you can:
     -Build correlative models of any kind
     -Analyze any kind of numerical data
     -Create models and immediately apply them to make predictions
     -Evolve mathematical functions that explain a dependent variable
     -Build models to classify/diagnose samples of data
     -Apply evolved classification models to make predictions/diagnosis
     -Diagnose diseases
     -Do symbolic regression
     -Do data mining
     -Generate Visual Basic, C++ and Karva code automatically
     -Optimize evolved functions/models
     -Optimize existing functions/models
     -Test immediately the predictive accuracy of evolved models
     -and much more

To learn more about the features of this release or to download a demo
version, please go to


Candida Ferreira

Candida Ferreira, PhD
Chief Scientist, Gepsoft

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