C++ & Makefile

Christian Liebich lbc at telekurs.com
Fri Jan 19 09:15:17 EST 2001


I hope you can help me out!
I just begun to programm in the c++ lanuage (I have only written in Perl

and Java up to now).
could you tell me how to write a makefile, to compile and link some c++
I was surfing long time, but I couldn't find anything, that could help
me out.

I have a file main.cc with the main programm inside and beside four
files (a.cc , b.cc , a.h , b.h) with functions
in the main.cc I include a.h and b.h.

I use the gcc compiler to proceede the compilation. If I have only one
file with main() and functions in it, I call:

g++ -c main.cc
g++ -o main.exe main.o

to execute, what I programmed.

Thanx for your help and enyoie your time



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