plasmid construction software

Malay curiouser at ccmb.ap.nic.in
Tue Apr 10 03:25:24 EST 2001

>I am looking for a software for plamsid construction project.  I want the
>software to draw plasmid map with annotated genes, restriction enzymes, to
>determine cloning sites and gel sizes and so on.  I know that there is
VectorNT, >gene cosntruction kit2 are available.  Any suggestion about the
>softwares and other software are appreciated.

If you want to draw a map without the sequence (just by typing in positions
of each features) then here is a very very alpha version of "Savvy". Savvy
draws map on your web page in Scalable Vector Graphics format. The map it
generates is high resolution publication quality and can be pasted into
presentation software without loosing any resolution. You can also import
the map into full fledged high end graphics software like Adobe Illustrator
in native format. Please note Savvy right now handles only Circular maps.


The only requirement to use Savvy is the SVG plugin from Adobe site

Savvy is an implementation of my BioSVG module. Tell me what would you like
more in Savvy or which feature you don't like.



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