Screensaver aids cancer fight

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Mon Apr 9 05:42:55 EST 2001

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> I don't believe that UD has ever tried to obscure the fact they are a
> for-profit company, or the fact that other for-profit corporations are
> partners in the cancer project (and their project using HMMER as well).

The point is that this is not made clear (I didn't see it when I trawled 
around looking for clients), and the implication is that my cycles are 
being used to make money for someone else.  So they are selling my 
cycles, and I make nothing.  

> I run Linux and MacOS at home but you can't deny the fact that for anyone
> targeting unused cpu cycles on predominantly home and school machines, 
> you
> must target Windows from the very start - it is the numerically prominent
> platform out there).

Oh sure, numerically important.  But if you're serious about this - and 
with 55 employees, then there's no excuse not to grab the fast beasts, 
too.  Not to mention the numerically prominent platforms in academic 
institutions which may have an interest in the project . . .

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