Screensaver aids cancer fight

Richard P. Grant rpg14 at yahoo.co.uk.invalid
Thu Apr 5 04:26:47 EST 2001

it gets funnier.  I received 2 emails from UD customer support about 
Mac/Linux support, saying more or less the same thing.

Essentially they're working on an alpha for Linux, no plans for Mac, 
because they are a 'start-up company' with 'only' 50 (or 55, depending 
which email) employees and wanted to go for the 'lowest hanging fruit'.

Now that to me sounds like (a) a waste of human talent (a startup wioth 
'only 50 employees'  PLEASE!!  They should be changing the world with 
that number of people)  and (b) a profit-making organization.


Needles to say, I shan't bother with these guys until they can get their 
act together.


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