Microplate-Reader USB-adpter for MacG4

Harald Blahovec harblec at gmx.at
Tue Apr 3 09:12:29 EST 2001


Well, not really a software problem, but somehow related.

We have acquired a BioRad550 Microplate Reader and 'Microplate Manager
for Mac' Software, recently. We want to connect it to a Mac G4, which
does not have an RS232-port anymore.

The site (www.usbconnection.com), which BioRad mentions for getting
adapters, is down.

I think, these could work:'Keyspan USB Twin Seriall Adapt' or
'Compucable's QDock'(Geo)?

If someone is running such a configuration: Which Adapter did you

Furthermore, there is no USB-Driver on the Installation Disk of the
'Microplate-Manager' Installation Disk.
The guy from BioRad recently told me, it won't run with USB. But WTH are
they packing a sheet to the reader referring to www.usbconnection.com.
And one year earlier (upon ordering) it seemed no problem (O.K. I'm not
surprised. Life is a bitch ;-))

Did someone go through this and is happy now? Or do I have to change the
Software and run this stuff on a Wintel-computer? :-(


gruss h.
Harald Blahovec
AKH Wien - Dep. of Orthopaedics
University of Vienna


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