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> > Hi James:  it works well for yeast and e.coli but NOT for humans.
> > Humans do not show increasing codon usage bias with gene expression
> > levels.  Local G+C content variation seems to be the dominant factor
> > different usage of codons in human genes.
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> Hi,
>   Do you have any references for this observation?
> I've always wondered about it....   you see many AT rich viruses
> replicating very nicely in human cells!

I never suggested they should not.  There is no evidence that highly
expressed human genes look much different from ones with low expression
levels (unlike Drosophila, S.cerevis., many bacteria etc. where there
is a distinct trend for highly expressed genes to prefer certain
codons).  The references for the codon bias are numerous and start in
the 1980s with Gouy and Gautier and then Ikemura and many papers by
Paul Sharp (p.m.sharp).  I do not know the specific human reference.
There is a long series of paper by Giorgio Bernardi on analysis of human
 DNA variation around the genome (isochores) which is closely related.
There is one summary paper by Sharp and others from 1989 or 1990 in
Nucleic Acids research which summarises the human data and maybe gives a

Des Higgins

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