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Dear Jon,

to me it sounds like your needs could be met with a decent database setup. 
You could set this up yourself, with a minumum amount of fuss, using a good 
database program such a Paradox.

I haven't heard of anyone marketing such a product, you may find it 
easier/cheaper to invest a little time in learning how to use the program. 
You might be surprised how much you can do with a good database program 
once you have some basic knowledge.

Hope this helps,


jpage at ipb-halle.de (Jon Page) wrote in
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>Hi everyone,
>I'm interested to hear if anyone knows about a simple, mini-LIMS (lab
>information management system) that would be suitable for a small (12-15
>researchers) molecular biology lab. What I want to do is control
>inventory (dry chemicals and reagents) and keep a catalog of enzymes,
>vectors, gene contructs, host strains etc. Ideally an archive of
>protocols could also be accessed through the same software. It should be
>easy to update by someone in the lab (i.e. no massive network
>structure). I was thinking am intranet-type application might be the
>most desirable arrangement since the lab is spreadout through different
>labs and offices. 
>Does such a software product exist? Has anyone setup a mini-LIMS
>intranet from scratch, or have suggestions about doing so?
>Looking forward to any responses.


I'm afraid I don't have a clever saying to put here.

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