A script driven compiler for sequence analysis.

John Monahan monahan at vitasoft.org
Mon Sep 11 22:33:52 EST 2000

For some time (in my spare time) I have been writing a piece of software that I feel
may be of use to molecular biologists that do extensive DNA sequence analysis.  The
program which I call "DNAScriptor" is essentially a runtime compiler that allows the
user to run automated DNA sequence analysis and manipulating scripts in a language
which I call DNAScript.  DNAScript is an extension of JScript.  The concept is to
allow users to develop complex sequence analysis and manipulating programs simply and
conveniently.  While the program also has most of the common manual sequence analysis
features found in other programs, the key concept is to automate sequence analysis
particularly in the areas of sequence comparisons using EMBL and GENBANK/BLAST access.
These programs can be reused and or exchanged with other users and could potentially
be of great use to the community in general.

For those that may be interested I have put up a web site at www.vitasoft.org that
outlines the key features. This is really a labor of love more than anything else. I
will still keep my day job!  However I would be interested  in having a few
experienced beta testers check it out.  If you are interested please let me know (at
monahan at vitasoft.org) or pass a word on to a relevant colleague.  If feedback is
positive I would consider making it available generally.

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