Jon Page jpage at ipb-halle.de
Sat Sep 9 08:47:02 EST 2000

Hi everyone,

I'm interested to hear if anyone knows about a simple, mini-LIMS (lab
information management system) that would be suitable for a small (12-15
researchers) molecular biology lab. What I want to do is control inventory
(dry chemicals and reagents) and keep a catalog of enzymes, vectors, gene
contructs, host strains etc. Ideally an archive of protocols could also be
accessed through the same software. It should be easy to update by someone
in the lab (i.e. no massive network structure). I was thinking am
intranet-type application might be the most desirable arrangement since the
lab is spreadout through different labs and offices.

Does such a software product exist? Has anyone setup a mini-LIMS intranet
from scratch, or have suggestions about doing so?

Looking forward to any responses.



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