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Mark Berres markb at ravel.zoology.wisc.edu
Wed Sep 6 19:49:42 EST 2000

In article <8p2jqo$8jl$1 at merkurius.lu.se>,
	"Dag Ahrén" <Dag.Ahren at mbioekol.lu.se> writes:
> Does anybody have a suggestion for good software which will analyse
> fragments from an ABI sequencing machine. We are running AFLP and 
> would like to compare the fragments between different lanes.

Try BinThere: http://tilapia.unh.edu/AFLP/BinThere.html
It will process directly GeneScan 373/377 sample files
and bin fragments based on your internal lane standard.
It runs on Macs under Java.


Mark E. Berres
University of Wisconsin- Madison
16 T 0303764

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