"Peptident" or similar with a local database?

Jonathan Epstein Jonathan_Epstein at nih.gov
Fri Sep 1 13:02:44 EST 2000

It is possible to setup Protein Prospector in this fashion, but you must
purchase a license which costs several thousand dollars.  The potential
candidate platforms are sun/Solaris and Windows NT.

Hope this helps,

- Jonathan

Neil Saunders wrote:
> Does anyone know of a server or a standalone program that will allow you to
> search a local protein database using peptide mass fingerprinting data?
> I've searched fairly extensively but can only find websites that use the
> GenBank/SwissProt/EMBL/Owl etc etc databases.  What we want to do is create
> a local database (eg from a FASTA file of ORFs from a complete genome
> sequence) and search that.
> thanks for any suggestions,
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