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> I think a journal article is a good idea, but the background required for
> understanding the proof is a very mathematical one.  The planning algorithm
> can
> be proven correct, but to understand the proof, you have to also understand
> temporal logic math and automatic theorem proving math.  Both are now
> well documented, so its just a matter of reading the literature.  The point
> is
> just that the journal should appeal to people who read formal logic
> articles as well as biochemistry articles, and I can't think of a journal
> that
> does appeal to both groups, though there probably are such journals.  Any
> suggestions would be appreciated.

It's probably hard to find a publication that is read and understood
both by mathematicians and by biologists / biochemists.  Some time ago,
I used to read a very interesting journal called "Mathematical
Biosciences". It is published by Elsevier:


If I remember correctly, the journal was started by Richard Bellman who
was involved in many areas of mathematics but (unless I am confusing him
with somebody else) he also had a strong interest in the biological
sciences.  I used to read his papers on global identifiability analysis
and other scary stuff.

In general, if you have a brand new approach to the mathematical
analysis of cellular metabolism, one that has never been broached in the
literature, my advice would be to hook up with some mathematically
minded biologist(s) or biochemist(s) and work on this as a team.
	-- Petr

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