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Petr Kuzmic pkuzmic at biokin.com
Sun Oct 29 11:46:38 EST 2000

Rich Cooper wrote:
> There are three software components that I would like to reengineer into
> a cellular activity planning simulation.
> 1). A product that captures information about activities, their durations,
> and the partial ordering that structures activities into a plan.  Presently,
> that product is being used to track factory shop floor activities. 
> What else do you need

Your approach to the simulation of molecular processes in the living
cell seems to be based on ideas from business management ("activity
planning", "factory shop floor activities").  I think that could be
interesting, because often scientific innovations do come from the most
unexpected cross-fertilization between diverse areas of human knowledge.

However, in answer to your question: "what I would need" (personally)
before I'd even look at your software is the following.  I would "need"
you to publish in a peer-reviewed journal (the peer-reviewed attribute
is important!) some sort of a theoretical framework convincing the
research community that the theoretical or mathematical tools of
business management (e.g., scheduling factory floor activities) *are* in
some way applicable to understanding the metabolism of the living cell.

Probably the most suitable journal that comes to mind is  the "Journal
of Theoretical Biology":  I have reviewed a few articles for them, and I
remember that the scope of the journal specifically encourages
theoretical studies (experiments are actively discouraged).  Of course
the Editors might have a great difficulty finding two or three reviewers
(or even one!) able to read and evaluate your work.  In that kind of
situation, it is perfectly O.K. if you suggest a list of referees, but
they do have to be well known in the field.  Kind of tricky, but it can
be done.

Hope this helps,

	-- Petr

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