Anyone: NCBI BLAST2 on >1 CPU on Solaris

Archie Russell archier at doubletwist.com
Thu Oct 26 23:15:45 EST 2000

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1%20CPU%20on%20Solaris?"mike4 at cris.com
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e:%20Anyone:%20NCBI%20BLAST2%20on%20> writes: 
> I'm having trouble getting BLAST2 (executable: blastall) to run on more 
> than one processor (i.e., when I specify the number of processors as 4 
> with the '-a' command line option). It could have something to do with 
> my local environment, although I can get other programs (e.g. Perl) to 
> utilize all 4 processors. Has anyone observed BLAST-2 running on more 
> than one processor in a 64-bit Solaris environment? Does anyone know 
> of a trick to get BLAST2 to compile so that it can use all the 
> processors? 

i read something a long time ago that -a only went to a max of 3 (i've
observed it using this many).  i've been looking around trying to verify
this is still true, but i don't see it anywhere (except your post).  i also
found a page mentioning the -PROC option, but i've never heard of it

i'm running right now on a 6-processor machine and top is showing 86%
utilization, this is equiv of 5 processors or so.  it might be that you just
need a newer version of blast



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