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felipe wettstein felipe.wettsteinnospam at ioez.tu-freiberg.de
Thu Oct 26 11:05:56 EST 2000

> Hello all,
> For a new website, I am compiling a list of software that scientists use on
> daily basis. The focus will be on molecular biology, genetics, and
> biochemistry, so could you please tell me which software you use, and where
> can it be obtained from. Also, any other utilities you use will be
> apprieciated.

for phylogenetic analysis, especially 16 and 23s analysis there is arb.
the good thing of arb is that it cares about the 2ndary strukture of the
sequence. it is not very good documentated but has a lot of feautures, i
heared that arb is the work of a ec project, and therefor belongs to all
the tax payers.

then there is staden package for sequence analysis of dna, assembly,
primers, view trace files, chop vectors,.., free for academic use, good
documentation (linux, academic = free, windoofs =$)

and then on the sanger centre home page, you find a lot of software
around sequence analysis. i do not remember if it is opensource or what,
but for academic use i thought it is free, sanger centre has a very nice
website, it is a pleasure to surfe there.

what i would really not use any more, if i knew already an alternative
(and had the time to look for) is eseq sequencing software that comes
with licor sequencers, this program  i do not like at all.

for photo manipulation there is gimp on linux (somehow not so easy, but
comes with a lot of feautures).
and there is corel photopaint, also free for linux users, nice program.

office programs there are a lot for linux.

best wishes


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