analysis software for molec. biol.

felipe wettstein felipe.wettsteinnospam at ioez.tu-freiberg.de
Thu Oct 26 10:33:47 EST 2000

dear all

how are you satisfied with all the software for hplc's, fplc's, image
documentation, sequencers, .. that comes with the machines? don't you
also think every company is cooking their own soup, no standards for a
common look and feel,  on windows programs often the right mouse button
is not supported, simple things like drag and drop are often not
implemented, solutions for problems that are 15 years old are programmed
again by every company (like sequencing software), the file managers of
the host operating system is usually handled like it was windows 3.1.
i don't want to talk about beauty, but the handling is so often
confusing, has no style and takes a time to learn. for the machines it
is the same, every thermocycler communicates in different ways with the
users, no common sence, sometimes i think in biology it is even worth
than with vacuum cleaner bags, no standards, expensive products,
dependencies of big companies...

so you have the same concerns? 
how do you handle this problem? 
do you know any open source projects for analysis software?

felipe wettstein

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