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Mineo Morohashi moro at caltech.edu
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The First International Conference on Systems Biology (ICSB2000)
-The 9th JST International Symposium-
Call For Participation

14-16 November, 2000
Royal Park Hotel at TCAT, Tokyo Japan
Organized by Japan Science and Technology Corporation
ADMISSION FREE / Registration deadline: Oct. 31, 2000
Registration can be made from our website: http://www.systems-biology.org

The First International Conference on Systems Biology aims at bringing
together researchers working in the field of Systems Biology and related
field to present the current status of their research and to discuss future
directions of the field. The importance of the system-level understanding of
biological systems is receiving increasing recognition recently.
Nevertheless, the efforts are still sporadic and there is no conference
specifically focused on this topic. While there are conferences on
bioinformatics, the threads of these conferences are the use of computers in
various aspects of biology, and not necessarily viewed from the system-level
perspectives. Thus, these conferences cover broadly from sequence database,
protein structures to gene networks, and less emphasis on the system-level
Therefore, the goal of the conference is to create a forum of discussion for
those who are interested in system-level understanding from various
approaches for various biological systems, so that such efforts can form a
coherent landscape. Systems Biology that focuses on system level
understanding can be a major thrust in biology in the 21st century.
A book based on this conference will be published from The MIT Press.

[Keynote Speech]
Hiroaki Kitano (Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc., Japan)

[Plenary Invited Talk: Genome Project and the Future Medicine]
Yusuke Nakamura (Institute of Medical Science, University of Tokyo, Japan)

[Session: Software Platform and Data Resources]
-The ERATO Systems Biology Workbench: An integrated environment for
multi-scale and multi-theoretic simulations of molecular biology
Hamid Bolouri (ERATO Kitano Symbiotic Systems Project/Caltech and University
of  Hertfordshire, UK)

-E-CELL Project: Towards Whole Cell Simulation
Masaru Tomita (Laboratory for Bioinformatics, Keio University, Japan)

-Tools for simulating large biological systems - the need for optimization
Pedro Mendes (Virginia Bioinformatics Institute, USA)

-Stochastic modeling and simulation of cell signaling using StochSim
Tom Shimizu (Cambridge University, UK)

-Towards a virtual biological laboratory
J. Stelling (Max-Planck-Institute for Dynamics of Complex Technical Systems,

[Session: Reconstruction & Reverse Engineering of Genetic Network]
-Generative model based statistical and cluster analysis of phenotype
associated gene expression matrices
Zoltan Szallasi (Uniform Service University, USA) and Mattias Wahde
(Chalmers Univ. of Technology, Sweden)

-Reconstruction of metabolic and regulatory networks in Synechocystis
Minoru Kanehisa (Kyoto University, Japan)

-Reverse engineering of metabolic pathways from observed data using genetic
John R. Koza (Stanford University, USA)

-Inference of a Gene Regulatory Network using Steady-State Expression Data
Koji Kyoda, Mineo Morohashi, Shuichi Onami (ERATO Kitano Symbiotic Systems
Project, Japan)

[Session: System-level Analysis]
-Phage, Phase Variation and Sporulation: Analysis of control in pathogenic
Adam Arkin (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, USA)

-Bacterial chemotaxis: using computer models to unravel mechanism
Dennis Bray (Cambridge University, UK)

-Robustness and dynamics in biological networks
John Doyle (California Institute of Technology, USA)

-Constructing Mathematical Models of Biological Signal Transduction Pathways
Tau-Mu Yi (Caltech / ERATO Kitano Symbiotic Systems Project, USA)

-Combination of biphasic response regulation and positive feedback as a
general regulatory mechanism in homeostasis and signal transduction
Andre Levchenko(California Institute of Technology, USA)

-Automatic model generation for signal transduction with application to
MAPK-Kinase pathways
Eric Mjolsness (California Institute of Technology, USA)

-Distinct roles of Rho-kinase pathway and myosin light-chain kinase pathway
in phosphorylation of myosin light-
chain: kinetic simulation study
Shinya Kuroda (Kawato Dynamic Brain Project, ERATO)

-Virtual Patients and Virtual Drug Targets: A System-Level Approach to
Phrmaceutical R & D
David Polidori (Entelos, Inc., USA)

[Session: Comprehensive Measurement]
-Strategic Approach to Determine the Yeast Genetic Regulatory Network with
Microarray data
Satoru Kuhara (Graduate School of Genetic Resources Technology, Kyushu
University, Japan)

-Comprehensive Measurement of C.elegans gene expression
Yuji Kohara (National Institute of Genetics, Japan)

Systematic isolation of deletion mutants to analyze neural development in
the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans
-Shohei Mitani (Tokyo Women's Medical University School of Medicine, Japan)

Automatic acquisition of cell lineage through 4D microscopy and analysis of
early embryogenesis of C.elegans
-Shuichi Onami (ERATO Kitano Symbiotic Systems Project, Japan)
Inquiries on the participation shall be addressed to the ICSB2000
E-mail: isjst at jsf.or.jp

Mineo Morohashi [moro at caltech.edu]
Systems Biology Group
Kitano Symbiotic Systems Project
California Institute of Technology

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