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You can't beat Redasoft Visual Cloning for graphics - it's at


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> Neil Saunders <neil.saunders at unsw.edu.au> wrote:
> >Does anyone know what software is used to produce those circular
> >maps that we see in all the microbial genome papers?  I'm thinking of the
> >colorful things with concentric circles showing ORFs, tRNAs etc.  Had a
> >through some genome papers, but couldn't see a reference.  Would this be
> >proprietary software, commercial, free?
> There is GMV
> http://jic-bioinfo.bbsrc.ac.uk/bioinformatics-research/software/GMV/
> The Bioinformatics Research group at JIC might know of otehrs.
> http://jic-bioinfo.bbsrc.ac.uk/bioinformatics-research/who's_who.html
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