ABI trace files

S.W. Rasmussen swr at crc.dk
Wed Oct 18 15:46:03 EST 2000

Does anyone know of a simple DOS application which is able to extract the
nucleotide sequence from ABI (310, 377, 3700) traces file without at the
same time displaying the sequence plot? What I need is a program running
under Windows (95/98/2000/NT) doing something like:

   extract.exe infile=abifile1.plt outfile=abifile1.seq

I know that Chromas can return the plain nucleotide sequence in ASCII
format, but opening 5-10,000 files in Chromas is a bit inconvenient and
cannot be automated - at least not with my rather limited programming

The reason for this call for help is a wish to include an option to view
trace files in DNATools, as a help in sequence editing.

I would be grateful for any hints or suggestions.



Dr. scient. Soeren W. Rasmussen
Carlsberg Laboratory, Dept. of Yeast Genetics
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