Macro Array users

Jon Baker jon at hayseed.net
Sun Oct 15 07:54:34 EST 2000

I have written some software for analysis of data from Macro Arrays and I am
currently writing a Windows Version.

I am curious as to how many people are using macro arrays.

Here is a breif outline of what the software does. I would appreciate any
comments, preferably by email, but to the group is fine.

I take an 2 input files, 1st CSV file exported from the Macro array
software, eg pathways.. and 2nd a 'group' file where each location in the
array is assigned to one or multiple functional groups.. eg:

Example from a project working on Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity, who are using
my software

1 Transcription factors
2 DNA Metabolism
3 Stress Response
4 Protein Metabolism
5 Biosynthesis
6 Signalling
7 Structural proteins
8 Energy metabolism

The software compares the control to the experimental arrays for a
particular treatment and exports data showing upwards or downwards trends
for each functional group.

I would appreciate any kind of feedback on this type of software as it is
something I would like to develop further and perhaps get to a point where
it is a marketable product.

Thanks for your time.

Jon Baker

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