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> Get a Refund on Defective Shimadzu Software (revised)
> ....Shimadzu's software should be re-labelled bugware!
> Effective 1 October 2000, computer software endusers will have the
> right to a refund if their Shimadzu software does not work as
> advertised under a new Maryland law. By wide margins, both the
> House of Delegates and the Maryland State Senate adopted legislation
> with significant consumer protections. Under this new bill, Maryland
> law will apply to any/all disputes between consumers and software
> companies (eg. Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Columbia, MD, USA)
> if they are based in another state.
> According to a Baltimore SUN article (11 April 2000) entitled "General
> Assembly passes bill on software regulation," Maryland Delegate Kumar
> P. Barve remarked "people are going to wake up on October 1 and
> discover that if their software doesn't work, they'll be the only
> people in America entitled to a refund."
> The State of Virginia has approved a similar bill but delayed its
> imposition until 2001 to consider possible changes. Prior to the
> adoption of this consumer friendly legislation, endusers were stuck
> with defective Shimadzu software products whether they worked or not.
> Shimadzu will be forced to think twice before releasing any more of
> it's bugware for sale to scientific endusers.... too bad Shimadzu
> couldn't or wouldn't bring it's software standards up to snuff before
> passage of this new Maryland law!
> UPDATE: In a Baltimore SUN newspaper article entitled "Software fine
> print clicks in" which was publsihed October 1, 2000, it was noted
> that "the [new] law gives consumers the right to return software for a
> full refund if they don't like the terms of the [software] license or
> just don't like the product." Send that $hitmadzu software BACK!
> n.b. You can bet that your local Shimadzu sales rep will go out of
> his/her way to hide the truth regarding this new law and your right to
> a refund. If a refund is granted, it will be subtracted from his/her
> commissions!
> n.b. Just because Maryland has this new law, this will not necessarily
> be the end of defective Shimadzu software. Shimadzu imports some of
> it's bugware from Japan. The Class 5000 software for their GC-MS
> product offering is one such example!
> n.b. If its not defective Shimadzu software that you have to be
> concerned about, then its defective Shimadzu hardware! Do yourself a
> favor and keep this crap out of your lab!
> At Shimadzu, it's all about cutting corners!
> http://shimadzu.is-crazy.com
> http://shimadzu.home-page.org
> http://shimadzu-sux.iscool.net
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