ANNOUNCE: Update to Jarnac 1.18

Herbert M Sauro hsauro at cds.calxxxtech.edu
Sat Oct 7 12:55:54 EST 2000

[What is Jarnac? Jarnac is a script based interactive environment for
building and analysing metabolic/chemical/genomic and signal transduction
networks. With a bit of effort it is also possible to model multi-cellular

There is an update to Jarnac, available at


The update incorporates the following changes:

1. Enhancements to the editor: Multiple file editing, better search
2. Includes implementation of CVODE integrator (supplied as a DLL),
selectable using the statement p.sim.type = "cvode" (or sim.type = "cvode"
for default models).
3. XML import/export has been updated to conform to the latest ERATO release
documents on SBML standard model exchange format.
4. Jarnac can now act as a server for remote requests, this is achieved by
implementing a server socket. Any legal Jarnac script can be sent to a
remote machine where Jarnac is running. In tests we have successfully run a
simulations from a Linux desktop machine using Python as the socket client.
Python sample code is supplied. Any machine or OS that supports standard BSD
sockets may run Jarnac remotely. This change is part of a broader objective
to open up Jarnac for remote access.

5. Introduction of a new data type, 'code type'. The syntax for the
sim.eval(), cc() and ee() methods have *changed* to accommodate code types.

6. Documentation updated

Herbert Sauro

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