Get a Refund on Defective Shimadzu Software (revised)

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Get a Refund on Defective Shimadzu Software (revised)

....Shimadzu's software should be re-labelled bugware!

Effective 1 October 2000, computer software endusers will have the
right to a refund if their Shimadzu software does not work as
advertised under a new Maryland law. By wide margins, both the Maryland
House of Delegates and the Maryland State Senate adopted legislation
with significant consumer protections. Under this new bill, Maryland
law will apply to any/all disputes between consumers and software
companies (eg. Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Columbia, MD, USA) even
if they are based in another state.

According to a Baltimore SUN article (11 April 2000) entitled "General
Assembly passes bill on software regulation," Maryland Delegate Kumar
P. Barve remarked "people are going to wake up on October 1 and
discover that if their software doesn't work, they'll be the only
people in America entitled to a refund."

The State of Virginia has approved a similar bill but delayed its
imposition until 2001 to consider possible changes. Prior to the
adoption of this consumer friendly legislation, endusers were stuck
with defective Shimadzu software products whether they worked or not.
Shimadzu will be forced to think twice before releasing any more of
it's bugware for sale to scientific endusers.... too bad Shimadzu
couldn't or wouldn't bring it's software standards up to snuff before
passage of this new Maryland law!

UPDATE: In a Baltimore SUN newspaper article entitled "Software fine
print clicks in" which was publsihed October 1, 2000, it was noted
that "the [new] law gives consumers the right to return software for a
full refund if they don't like the terms of the [software] license or
just don't like the product." Send that $hitmadzu software BACK!

n.b. You can bet that your local Shimadzu sales rep will go out of
his/her way to hide the truth regarding this new law and your right to
a refund. If a refund is granted, it will be subtracted from his/her

n.b. Just because Maryland has this new law, this will not necessarily
be the end of defective Shimadzu software. Shimadzu imports some of
it's bugware from Japan. The Class 5000 software for their GC-MS
product offering is one such example!

n.b. If its not defective Shimadzu software that you have to be
concerned about, then its defective Shimadzu hardware! Do yourself a
favor and keep this crap out of your lab!

At Shimadzu, it's all about cutting corners!


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