ProtComp - Version 3: (Animal/Fungi - Plants) Identification of sub-cellular localization

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Wed Nov 29 07:36:09 EST 2000

      ProtComp - Version 3: Program for Identification of sub-cellular localization
         of Eukaryotic proteins: Animal/Fungi  - Plants

            ProtComp is available for public usage at: http://www.softberry.com/ 


                ProtComp:  Current, third release of ProtComp includes separately
                           trained recognizers for Animal/Fungi and Plant proteins.
                           This separation is improving the recognition accuracy, which is
			   for major compartments (such as plasma membrane, nuclear, 
                           extracellular) achives 70-90% level. 

            The program is based on complex neural-network recognizers, which identify 
            probability of the subcellular localization in nucleus, plasma membrane, 
            extracellular, cytoplasmic, mitochondrial, chloroplast, endoplasmic 
            reticulum, peroxisomal, lysosomal or Golgi compartments. 

            Example of Output results: 
            Presents scores for different networks and the final conclusion. 


            Name: Q9Y6H8
   First three lines of sequence:

protcompan  Tue Nov 28 22:23:17 EST 2000

   Nuclear:         Score   0.717
   Plasma membrane: Score   1.590
   Extracellular:   Score   0.847
   Cytoplasmic:     Score   0.675
   Mitochondrial:   Score   0.713
   reticulum:       Score   0.805
   Peroxisomal:     Score   0.665
   Lysosomal:       Score   0.371
   Golgi:           Score   0.320

 Predicted protein localization: Plasma membrane


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