Solaris Thrashing after blast searches

Tim Cutts timc at chiark.greenend.org.uk
Tue Nov 21 09:59:07 EST 2000

In article <3A1130D8.2E8522B6 at biol.rug.nl>,
Aldert Zomer  <zomeral at biol.rug.nl> wrote:
>Did you just contact the people at platform computing, and they provided
>a solution for you? It's rather interesting to use the processing power
>of the desktop computers also, we have quite a lot of desktop machines
>here which are only used for email, wordprocessing etc. 

By desktop machines, I mean desktop UNIX/Linux workstations.  LSF does
support NT, but I have no experience of that.  It even supports mixed
Unix/NT clusters, but I imagine that's quite a headache to get working.
It's hard enough on a mixed UNIX network like I have here

I first came across LSF about five years ago, when I was running the
University of Cambridge bioinformatics facility.  I needed a job
queueing and management program, since the standard UNIX batch program
just wasn't cutting it.  I looked into NQS, and various other NQS-like
programs.  A colleague at the department of Engineering recommended LSF
to me, and I got a trial licence from Platform for a month.  I was
suitably impressed and bought it.  I have since implemented it on two
other networks, with widely varying work needs, and it's done admirably
with almost everything I've thrown at it.

I currently use it to distribute jobs between a Sun E3000 and seven
dual-processor Linux boxes.  The Linux boxes run things transparently;
the users only ever log into the Sun machine.



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