ANNOUNCE: Update to Jarnac 1.18a

Herbert M Sauro hsauro at cds.calxxxtech.edu
Sat Nov 18 22:17:13 EST 2000

ANNOUNCE: Update to Jarnac 1.18a

[What is Jarnac? Jarnac is a script based interactive environment for
building and analysing metabolic/chemical/genomic and signal transduction

A new version of Jarnac is available at


Changes include:

1. Problems when using edit command to load a new .jan file. After closing
Jarnac, reopening Jarnac caused a list index out of bounds because the file
name was saved under a slightly altered name.

2. Added new function tau(x) which evaluates: 1/x * ln (1/rnd). Useful for
implementing Gillespie's stochastic simulation algorithm. See stats.jan for

3. Added new property 'AsMolecules' to network object types. Enables easy
conversion of amounts in moles to be converts to number of molecules and
visa versa. eg p.AsMolecules ("S1") = 10e12;

4. Added a few useful constants to the math.jan startup file

5. Built-in editor has Drag & Drop enabled, thus one can drag files from,
say explorer and drop the file on to the editor panel.

6. Associating jan files with Jarnac now works correctly, double click on a
jan file
(once you've associated jan files with Jarnac) and Jarnac will start and
load the
selected file into the built-in editor.

7. Other internal changes, for example, Visual designer has been made more

8. The socket access to the Jarnac server has been changed so that an
external client
much first 'login' to the server - this is simply a security measure, see
docs for details.

Herbert Sauro

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