Program which restores Windows 95/98 _Full_Version_2.1

info sinftras at mail.ru
Tue May 23 23:33:39 EST 2000

Program which restores Windows 95/98 Full Version 2.1 !!!

This program is designed to restore Windows
95/98 system files corrupted by incorrect 
installation of new software or by virus and 
is exactly what you need if you value your 
time and money.

Many beginners and sometimes experienced users 
are afraid to crash operating system by incorrect 
actions.  For example changing screen definition 
and upgrading drivers may have unexpected results.
Now you can feel free of this fears.  This program
can bring your Windows to initial state in just a 
couple of minutes.  You can keep experimenting with 
new software without any concern that this may crash 
Windows or any of its programs - in a moment you can 
bring  everything back.  This especially refers to 
those who frequently install new †toys€ which cause 
computer failures and following headaches.

Latest upgrades V2.1
The algorithm of scanning of the system is considerably
changed. The dynamic release of the RAM of the computer 
is applied at constant scanning. Automatic customization 
of the program for optimization of allocation of system 
resources depending on necessity.

To load program is possible with:


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