draw a line under the rasmol

Lothar Esser esser at chop.swmed.edu
Tue May 23 11:59:10 EST 2000

Richie Gan wrote:

> how can I draw a line under the Rasmol to indicate something


  Rasmol is not set up to do these things easily. The only way I could
imagine is
to add two atoms to your pdb file and draw a bond between them.
I much prefer molscript or bobscript to do illustrations of molecules.
In Molscript you
also have to add atoms and draw a bond between them but it is easy to
If you want to use Molscript and don't have the right input for it yet,
you can ask
rasmol to creat the input file for you. Just run Rasmol, display your
pdb file and
type at the prompt RasMol>    write molscript mol.in

This will create a suitable molscript file ( here called mol.in ) for

Then when you add the two atoms ( here called X1 and X2 ) marking the
begin and end
of the  line to your pdb file,  you need to add :

 set  bonddistance 100.0 ;   ! this must be large enough to connect the

 bond  atom X1 atom  X2 ;

 Make this the last statement in your file otherwise it will draw too
many bonds between
 remote atoms of the protein !

 Hope this helps.

Lothar Esser

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