Information on animal experiment simulation software

Ewald Große-Wilde wilde at uni-muenster.de
Sun May 14 16:02:26 EST 2000

Hello !

Chris LaRosa schrieb:

> > I need software which is capable of simulating common animal
> > experiments, or information about software of this kind.
> > Anyone out there who can help me ?
> >
> Your kidding right....?

Why ? To clarify : I'm searching programs that simulate well-known
experiments. For example: I know of one program used in courses in the
local university that simulates a pithed-rat-experiment. In this
experiment a rat ist anestethized, the neck is cut so that the influence
of hormones on blood circulation can be tested without interference by
the brain. This experiment is simulated with normal PCs, hte data that
can be received is known, so that a program can be written. I don't want
programs to simulate experiments with unknwon outcome or something like
that. Do you know any similar PC-programs ?

Thank you, Ewald

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